GSI 229.226.00 – TS226 Fastblaster Controller Card

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TS226 Fast blaster Controller Card


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The Fastblaster Processor coordinates the operation of the beam steering galvos,the laser trigger, and the laser attenuator (AOM) as directed by the host computer. The Fastblaster is a high-speed controller, based on the TMS320 Digital Signal Processor chip, and implemented as a two-board set: program and data memory (TS226) and the Multibus I/O (TS227). It operates as a 16-bit Multibus slave, with an additional “mailbox” for messages and status. For block diagrams of the TS226 board, see Figure A-17 through Figure A-22. For block diagrams of the TS227 board, see Figure A-17 and Figure A-23 through Figure A-38.

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