GSI 229.378.00 – TS378 Board

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TS378 Fastblaster Controller Card

GSI 229.378.00 - TS378 Board

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Each TS378 can provide the following functions: Solenoid Drivers – There are eight solenoid drivers on each TS378 board. Each driver consists of a single Darlington power transistor whose output is currentlimited to approximately 1.0 Amp. The drivers are protected for fast negative transition of up to -50 Volts (to block back EMF generated by solenoid coils). The eight driver transistors are arranged as two sets of four drivers. They are referred to as the ’A’ drivers and ’B’ drivers. Each set of four drivers is configured to supply the same voltage level. The drivers can be used to supply equal amplitude pulses to a four-phase stepper motor. Each set of solenoid drivers (A and B) can be configured to supply either +12 Volts or +24 Volts DC. The voltage supply to the driver transistors is determined by back plane input wiring for each TS378 board. Thus, the TS378s are fully interchangeable for troubleshooting purposes. Overload Protection – In addition to current-limiting resistors on the output of each driver, there is thermal overload protection on each TS378 for the ’A’ driver transistors. A bi-stable thermoswitch containing the power driver transistors is mounted on the heatsink. (The ’A’ drivers are normally configured to supply +24 Volts.) If the ’A’ drivers become overloaded, the temperature of the heatsink will rise. The thermoswitch will open when the heatsink temperature reaches 65° C. This disconnects the common return line for the ’A’ driver transistors. A green LED on each TS378 (see Figure 3-15) indicates the status of the ’A’ driver set. The LED is lit during normal operation, and turns off when the thermoswitch opens.

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