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TS230 Fastblaster Controller Card


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The TS230 Data Acquisition DACQ board (see Figure 3-17) is a general purpose Multibus analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that can select one of eight inputs. It converts a selected input into a 12-bit digital number and sends that value to both the Multibus and the TS227 Fastblaster. This data is used to monitor and measure laser energy. For block diagrams of the TS230 board, see Figure A-46 through Figure A-53. The TS230 board functionality can be checked using REPEATER_check.

Data acquisition inputs enter the card through a common P2 cable connector. The other end of the cable splits into several inputs sourced from the Preattenuator Diode (PAPD), the Laser Eye photodiode (LEPD), and an external energy meter. The system uses eight relays to select the analog source to be measured. Each measurement results in a 12-bit value. The PAPD and LEPD photodiodes go through a pre-conditioning circuit that consists of a five-stage programmable gain instrumentation amplifier to adjust the resolution of the detector output. The photodiode to be measured is selected by an input switch. The Data Acquisition (DACQ) board can be functionally divided into seven sections: 1. Photodiode current amplifier section with programmable gain 2. Relay MUX and track-and-hold section 3. Analog-to-digital converter and control 4. Digital data paths, registers, and control 5. Multibus address decode 6. Voltage inputs and analog MUX 7.

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